Sunday, September 8, 2013

Simple Fall Decor

I always think of September as a kind of transitional month: I'm not yet ready to jump into Halloween or Thanksgiving motifs, yet I'm ready to move away from summer.  So I made a super simple Fall mantel to get me in the spirit, as well as a front door hanging that will be easy to change out once the leaves actually start to fall.  (As I write this, it's 80 degrees here!)

For my mantel, I wanted to complement the red in my furniture, so I chose a pretty apple from Silhouette (find it here) and cut it from red paper.

Then I got out a page of cardstock and made the Subway Art by writing out my favorite seasonal words, and then using lots of different fonts.  I cut the whole thing out of the cardstock, and used a wet-erase chalkboard marker to stencil it on the board.  (I think this would be a great use of the Sihouette stencil material, I just didn't have any on hand.)  One tip about stenciling fonts: some of the more decorative fonts (like Circus, for example - used for the words, "Country Fairs,") have lots of little parts and when I went to cut them, the cardstock just got trashed.  So I went back and cut those fonts using the "Cut Edge" Cut-Style option and then filled in details wherever I could freehand.  I then looked among my stash of frames and artwork I have collected over time and put up a few that complemented the season and color scheme.  (I find cheap but really pretty artwork by using pages from a calendar or downloading [copywright-free] images from the internet.)

My door hanging was a super simple throw together using a cone, ribbon, late-season hydrangeas and some mossy sticks I already had on-hand.  I found paper leaves I had made for Thanksgiving last year and wired those on, as well.  (I used the 8 Fall Leaves design for this.)

(I do love a mossy stick...:) )

I hope you enjoy and are finding inspiration this late summer!


  1. Love the subway art for your mantel! And I adore your front door hanging. My neighbor across the way has some gorgeous turning hydrangeas that he's always telling me to take. I'm off to snip some right now! Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration!

  2. Oh, you are so welcome! Enjoy the free hydrangeas!