Thursday, September 12, 2013

Personalized Pouches

I always find something fun in the dollar aisle at Target!  The other day I found these cute little pouches.

And I knew that they would be even cuter if personalized - and then they would be such a fun gift container!

Also, I had been wanting to use these fun monograms from Silhouette.


So here's how I did it.

First I downloaded all of the letters I needed for the monogram.  For the diamond, I "ungrouped" each letter and deleted all but the three letters I wanted.  This monogram was easy because I only needed an "M" and a "B."  I just needed to move the "B" over to the "M" diamond.  I resized each letter a bit to get it just right and cut it out of heat transfer vinyl.  (The diamond monogram was flocked vinyl.)

The script monogram is the same idea.  I "ungrouped" each letter group and moved the biggest "B" to fit between the little "M"s.  I made sure I liked the size of everything.  The most important part of getting the script monogram to look right is to overlap the letters slightly and then to "weld" them together.  Then I cut it out of regular heat transfer vinyl.

I gave these to my Mom for her birthday with a necklace inside the smallest pouch.  Then I put the smaller pouch inside the bigger one.  My daughter loved that the pouches nested so that the gift kept going.  "Unzip that one, too, Grammy!"


  1. I love what you did! I have these pouches -- now I need to customize them!

  2. Fantastic! So inspired to hunt these down and make something for my mum with them. Thanks for sharing.