Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back-to-School Bulletin Board

Back to School!

Okay, some of us have been back in school for awhile.  My mom works in a school district that started August 4!  
But before I digress, I am the bulletin board volunteer at my daughter's school.  It's the main board that hangs in the front hallway and most days I can hardly believe I get to count decorating anything as volunteer hours!
So needless to say, I really love doing it.
I used  mixture of svgs from Silhouette online, while the little people are from Lettering Delights.  The files are listed below.  (And please forgive the poor picture quality.  It was not a hallway meant for photography!)

Silhouette Files:
Adobe mission #29605
Bare Tree with leaves #13627
6 Clouds #16140 (for the leaves)
Baby Got Backpack Cut it Set

Happy Back to School!

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