Monday, July 15, 2013

Wizard of Oz Photo Props

So one of the moms who came to our Friendship Fiesta loved the photo props we made and asked if I could make some Wizard of Oz photo props for another daughter's birthday.  I love a challenge!  Here is what I did:

For Dorothy: I used the Slumber Party Girl svg from the Silhouette online store.  I separated her hair from the file, then drew a circle and layered it on top of the hair.  I "separated" the shapes to get the rounded face area.  Then, I used strands of hair from a witch found in Lettering Delights' Best Witches set to give her a little dimension.  I added the little blue gingham ribbons with hot glue.

Glinda was simple: I used a crown svg from Sihouette, and cut it out of a fabulous sparkly paper with a tinge of pink (just like Glinda's crown in the movie).  The paper was a bit thin, so I cut out the crown on plain cardstock, as well, and affixed that to the back for a little extra strength.

The witch came from a hat in Silhouette's 4 Halloween Icons bundle.  Just as with Dorothy, I drew a circle and layered it on top of the hat, then "separated" the shapes to get the rounded face area.

The tin man was tricky.  I had to find a funnel image online, then trace it to get the funnel shape.  I also added a half circle to get the little handle.  Then I cut it out of silver paper.

The lion came from Silhouette's Zoo Animals in a Cage bundle.  I used the same circle I created for Dorothy's face and the witch hat to create a face opening in the center of the mane.  I cut the ears out separately and glued them to the back.  Then I found some swirl images and cut them out for his swirly tendrils.

The scarecrow was from Silhouette.  I ungrouped the image, then used the hair as the opening for a face.  Then I cut out the hat and tuft of straw at the top separately.  Then I duplicated the image and welded it, cutting a larger shape out of plain cardstock to hold all of the pieces together.  I added a little yarn around the hat for dimension.

I added a wooden dowel to the back of each character for holding.

Hope that makes sense!  Please note that the scarecrow in the photo above was very mad that I wanted to take his picture, even after bribing him with chocolate chips!


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