Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fairy Gardens

We really love fairy gardens around here.  The Rainbow Fairies made themselves known to us this year in school and have been visiting us: leaving notes, encouraging us to be good friends, and asking for more gardens.

Have you seen this post?  Soo cute.  And so I had to make a garden out of a washtub too.  Of course I found one at my parents' house!  There are always old treasures lurking about over there.

We made this one out of a broken pot, with a littler pot stuck inside it.  Inspired by this post.   Then Big Sis jazzed it up:

More of our menagerie:

 We got the house and lots of the accessories at

 We added lights to this one for extra fairy magic at nighttime!  I found the lights at Joann's.

Over memorial day weekend, we went to Grammy & Papa's and fairy-bombed their backyard:

We bought these homes as a set at

Do you love fairy gardens too?  Please share posts!


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