Sunday, June 23, 2013

American Girl Closet

So I saw this post by Lil Blue Boo: a clothing storage rack for American Girl dolls.  It got me thinking.  Closets for dolls are not cheap.  I knew I could make one for very little.  Then it occurred to me: what I need is an old wooden wine crate!  I'll just go to a store that sells wine and get one for free!  Easy, right?  Well, actually, no.  Apparently they don't really ship wine in wooden crates anymore.  And if a store has them, it is not giving them away.  So I asked around and good ole Dad had one!

I added a dowel inside by measuring carefully for level, then drilling a hole on both sides.  I slid the dowel in, and Big Sis and I painted it up.

(We also embellished with a crown made of paper and set it on top.)  We used it as a way of hanging up the dolls skirts for our Friendship Fiesta (don't miss that post!)


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